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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

California King Bedding - What Is The Difference?

When it comes to king sized bedding, there is some confusion as to the different styles and options available to the consumer. Standard, Eastern, Western and California King are some of the models of king size bedding to choose from but what is the difference between them.?

Isn’t a king sized bed just a king sized bed? Well, not exactly.

When someone refers to an Eastern King size bed or bedding set, they are speaking about a bed that is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. This size, also known as Standard, has been just that for many years. Most king size beds and bedding sets would fall under this category thus the “standard” was set.

Then the California King ( or the Western King ) style of bedding came along. The Cal King switched things up a bit by extending the length of the mattress by a full four inches longer than the Eastern King. But not only was the length adjusted, so was the width of the bed as the California King slims four inches off of the width of the the bed. So while it does add length, the California King style does take away some room from side-to-side.

A perfect fit for a person six feet or taller, the California King is the longest bed on the market and Blanket Warehouse has you covered with many Cal King styles to pick from. From bedding sets, to comforters, to blankets, Blanket Warehouse’s great deals on Cal King Bedding will certainly give you a good nights sleep.


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