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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Boy or Baby Girl? Choosing Baby Bedding Without Knowing Your Baby's Gender

Keep it Neutral with Your Baby Bedding Themes

If you are too early in your pregnancy to know the gender of your baby or if you are adopting and won't know the gender of your baby until you receive him/her, choosing a neutral baby bedding set can be the best option in order to eliminate the element of surprise while planning for future children. Regardless of the reason you are looking for neutral bedding, it can be difficult to find baby bedding sets and crib bedding that isn't too girly or too boyish. 

Color and design are two big factors in what makes bedding sets girly or boyish. You wouldn't want a baby boy sleeping in frilly pinks or lavenders, while you wouldn't want a baby girl snoozing in boyish blues and browns. The tried and true way of finding these universal baby bedding sets is to stick with greens, yellow, creams, whites, browns and blacks. In addition, you should keep in mind the look and design of your crib bedding choices. Stay away from cutesy dots, flourishing swirls, geometric shapes and themed patterns and stick more to farm animals and classic characters like Winnie the Pooh.
Neutral Greens and Browns are the Perfect Choice for Your Baby Bedding!

By sticking with neutral colors and themes, you guarantee that your baby's room will have a neutral feeling until he/she is born and starts sleeping in their room. Once they are sleeping in their room or once you are 100% sure of what you are having, you can personalize their room accordingly based on their gender. Crib bedding is the basic design focus of your baby bedding and your baby's room in general. Keep it neutral and be able to use and reuse your baby crib bedding for all of your potential children.

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