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Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Stop Shopping with Bed in a Bag Sets

Finding everything you want in one place makes life so much easier, don't you think? If you had to go to one store to buy milk, another to get bread and a third to get vegetables, making dinner would be a lot more work than it is. The same goes for making the bed (or making up a bedroom). If you can get everything you need in one place, you save time and money and who ever has enough of either? Not us and we assume not you either.

A bed in a bag set is the epitome of one-stop shopping. In a standard bed in a bag set, you get all the basics that you need to "make the bed" look perfect. Usually you’ll find a comforter, coordinating sheets and pillowcases, bed skirt or dust ruffle and pillow shams that work together to complete the look of your room.

Most often you'll find bed in a bag sets where the comforter and sham, sheets, pillow cases, and bed skirt are all of the same pattern. Sometimes you'll find that the comforter is made of one primary pattern while the sheets and pillow cases and sometimes the bed skirt are in a coordinating print. 

Kira Bed in a Bag Set from Blanketwarehouse.com

The Kira Bed in a Bag Set is an excellent example of a pattern where the sheets and pillow cases are in a print that coordinates with the pattern of the comforter and pillow shams. This pastel and floral design is excellent for a tween's room or even a cheery guest room.

Mixing Patterns
If your mom was anything like ours, she told you never to mix patterns. But current decorating is a lot less stringent about that rule. The thing is, without a good eye for color and patterns, it can be a bad idea to do this on your own.

A lot of bed in a bag sets do the work for you and the result is a mixing of patterns that works every time. The designers have done the work for you. Literally, all you have to do is make the bed. 

Mia Stripe Bed in a Bag from Blanketwarehouse.com

In the Mia Stripe Collection, you'll find a variety of coordinating patterns, stripes, and solids that work together. 

Patterns are available for every taste and color scheme. You'll find bed in a bag sets for teens and tweens, guest rooms, boys and girls rooms, and even the master suite. 

Solid Colors

The 200 thread count Mix and Match your Color Bed in a Bag set lets you select your own colors and create your own unique look. With 18 colors available, you can find the colors you want to coordinate with any decor or color scheme!

The 300 thread count 100% Cotton Solid Color Bed in a Bag sets are available in 10 colors and in Twin, XL Twin, Full, Queen, California King and Standard King sizes. You can even choose between ruffled and tailored shams and bed skirts.

You'll never make a mistake with a Bed in a Bag set from Blanketwarehouse.com


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