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Monday, April 16, 2012

Patchworks of color and patterns: Quilts!

There is nothing more American than a quilt. A patchwork of color or patterns blended together in different shapes, into different patterns, forming a cohesive whole. It's the stuff of tradition, of family, of home.

Build on your family's tradition or start your own with wonderful quilts from Blanketwarehouse.com. Quilts come in sizes and patterns for every member of your family and every bedroom in your house, from the nursery to the master suite. Even if you have a more modern or streamlined decor, you can find a quilt that will help you achieve the look you want.

Vintage Jade Cotton Quilt Set
But let's face it, the reason we love quilts is not just because of how pretty they are. We love quilts because they feel so wonderful. Who doesn't love snuggling beneath a quilt. It's warm, but not too warm. A light-weight quilt for summer is a great way to sleep in comfort no matter the weather.  Quilts aren't just flowers and patterns for girls. Boys can get in on the quilt-action too. Masculine patterns abound for quilts.
And Play Action, one of our most popular sellers. This gray, white and black pattern fits in many different color schemes and is perfect for the Football enthusiast
The Play Action Quilt Set

For girls, you'll find lots of quilts for their rooms:  Zebra Expedition is one of the most popular animal print quilts, rich chocolate stripes on a beige background is exotic and fun, and a very popular trend in design

Zebra Expedition

Blanket Warehouse has you covered with lots of quilt options to pick from. Blanket Warehouse’s great deals will certainly give you a good night's sleep.


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