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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where You Lay Your Head

All the fancy quilts, comforters, sheets, duvets, and blankets in the world won't make your bed the oasis of comfort and rest at the end of the day without the crowning glory: The Perfect Pillow.

The History of the Pillow
As natural as a pillow feels in our beds, they were not always used by everyone. Pillows were originally used primarily by the wealthy in Asia.  Of course, they weren’t the comfortable pillows we know and love today. Traditional Chinese pillows were usually hard boxes made of stone, wood, metal, porcelain. Ancient Egyptians slept on stone pillows and pillows were found in their tombs. Pillows grew to be more widely used during the Tudor period in England. At the time, it was widely believed that only women giving birth and sickly or weak men should use a pillow.
But as with so many of the conveniences we all take for granted today, mass production of pillows started during the Industrial Revolution and soon they became a part of every bed.

Even though pillows are a standard feature of beds, there's an amazing variety to choose from. You might like a softer pillow, or maybe you prefer more support. Regardless of what helps you drift off to dreamland, Blanketwarehouse has the pillow for you.

Do you prefer a lot of height in your pillow? consider the Natural Living Extra Loft Pillow.

Natural Living Extra Loft Pillow from Blanketwarehouse.com

If you're looking for more support, the Pacific Coast Down Chamber Pillow may be exactly what you need. This all-down pillow has enhanced support. It has the softness of down but with more support via a patented inner sleeve that concentrates down fill.

Pacific Coast Down Chamber Pillow from Blanketwarehouse.com

We also offer a softer pillow, the Restful Nights Egyptian Cotton Pillow from Pacific Coast Down. This lovely pillow has a premium 100 percent Egyptian cotton cover for natural softness and durability.

Restful Nights Egyptian Cotton Pillow from Blanketwarehouse.com

Throw Pillows
While most everyone has a pillow in their bed, many of us like pillows on our beds, primarily for decoration. Throw pillows are a big part of bedroom decor and can add brightness, elegance or contrast to your bedroom decor.

Many of the bedding collections offered by Blanketwarehouse.com include throw pillows. Square pillows, neckroll pillows, and oblong pillows can be found to coordinate or match with your comfortable or bed in a bag selection. Usually those pillows are in the same fabric as the rest of the pattern, but some are in fabrics that complement the primary fabric. Pick a pillow from the pattern you're decorating your room with or select pillows in coordinating colors.

Some of our patterns offer pillows in a variety of colors. The Flower Fantasy Pattern has three different pillow shapes available. The square and oblong pillows come in a reversible flower/stripe pattern, and coordinating colors of orange, fuchsia and aqua.

Oblong throw pillows from the Flower Fantasy Bedding Collection from Blanketwarehouse.com

The Flower Fantasy square and oblong pillows come in a reversible flower/stripe pattern, and coordinating colors of orange, fuchsia and aqua. The neckroll pillow comes in a striped pattern, as well as fuchsia, orange and aqua.

Or mix and match different colors to create a custom look. Blanketwarehouse.com's Caribbean Cooler bedding gives you lots of colors to choose from including Banana, Indigo, Lilac, Lime, Pink Paradise, Pomegranate, Lime, Rain Forest, Sky Blue and Turquiose!

Caribbean Cooler Square Pillows from Blanketwarehouse.com

Whether you're looking for a bed pillow, a throw pillor and for any of your bedding needs, Blanketwarehouse.com has got you covered!


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