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Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's Our 10th Anniversary!

July 1, 2012, is Blanketwarehouse's 10th anniversary.

Ten years is a long time for a family-owned Internet business to be around. But it's been a good 10 years and we'd like to share some of the highlights of the last few years with you right now.

The first item we sold was a Batman bedding set. Months of hard work had come to fruition in the form of a single order for Batman bedding. We kept that pattern on our site for as long as the manufacturer kept producing it. Batman is kind of timeless for little boys and if it was still available, we'd still have it up there for you to consider.

From the beginning we knew that kids bedding would be a mainstay of Blanketwarehouse's business. Finding the perfect bedding set for your kids' room can be tough -- especially when you live in a rural area or small town where your choices of stores may be a little limited. But when you come online and type Batman or Barbie or Polka Dot bedding into the search engine, you start to find you have some choices, and you find that you can get exactly the kind of comforter that your little one has been longing for.
Kids bedding from Blanketwarehouse.com
Teen bedding is another area where we've been able to offer a lot of choices. As picky as your 5-year-old might have been, at 12, you reach a whole new level of pickiness. It can't be too babyish, and it can't look old-fashioned either. And while it needs to be as cool as what their friends have, it can't be exactly the same as anyone else's because someone might think you're copying them! And as we know with young teenagers, the only thing worse than being different is being a copycat. 

So you turn to Blanketwarehouse again, and there it is, the perfect bedding set for your teenager's room and it's affordable too!
Teen Bedding from Blanketwarehouse.com
A few years later, it's time for college, and we're all surprised to learn that dorm rooms need special bedding--XL twin. (The twin beds in dorms are a little longer than a standard twin.) But when you come across the requirement for XL twin bedding in the college's catalog or hear about it at orientation, you have to wonder where am I going to find that. And again, you can turn to Blanketwarehouse.com and find exactly the dorm bedding your college student is looking for... bold colors, subdued colors, whimsical patterns or animal prints. We've got something for every personality!

Dorm bedding from Blanketwarehouse.com
But don't start thinking Blanketwarehouse.com is just for the kids. We've got a broad selection of bedding:
And of course, BLANKETS!
All your bedding needs can be found on Blanketwarehouse.com
For years, our little in-house tagline has been, "We've got you covered!" It started as a little joke, a pun. But the reality is that we DO have you covered. All your bedding needs, from cribs to dorms to elegant bedding for the master suite to cozy bedding for your cabin or summer house, can be met at one family-owned business: Blanketwarehouse.com.


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