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Monday, July 22, 2013

Forever in Blue Jeans

When it comes to every day comfort, nothing beats blue jeans. Denim is the perfect balance of strength and softness. Denim can be casual or you can dress it up with the right accessories for a dressy but comfortable look.

And we're not talking about pants here. We're talking about blue jean and denim bedding. At Blanketwarehouse.com you can be forever in blue jeans in kids and teens rooms, a casual guest room or a cozy room for adults.  Here is a sample of the denim looks you'll find.

The Blue Jean Bunk Bed Comforter is available in twin or full and 8 inch or 10 inch depths. Great for kids rooms and just like your favorite blue jeans, it goes with everything.
Blue Jean Bunk Bed Comforter from Blanketwarehouse.com

Daybeds are great in a guest room or to bring extra seating to a casual part of your home. Our 5-Piece Blue Jean Denim Daybed Set is available in dark indigo or stone washed
5-Piece Blue Jean Dehim Daybed Set from Blankerwarehouse.com

Blue Jean Denim Futon Cover also serves double duty as extra seating and a comfortable bed. In blue denim, this is a great addition to your home.
Blue Jean Denim Futon Cover from Blanketwarehouse.com

In your room, or your kids' room, the American Denim Comforter brings warmth and comfort. Available in twin, XL twin, full, queen, king and California king, this is a great look that can be dressed up or down.

American Denim Comforter from Blanketwarehouse.com

And there are lots of accessory for the American Denim Collection, including curtains and pillows. Here are a couple of examples for you:

American Denim Curtains from Blanketwarehouse.com

American Denim Oblong Pillow from Blanketwarehouse.com

Blue jean, baby, it's a great look at any age, with nearly any style. Casual or dressy, denim bedding is always comfortable and cozy. Visit Blanketwarehouse.com to see our complete line of denim bedding -- and make your home forever in blue jeans.


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